Keldark the Hunter

A lean man in worn and patched Studded Leather Armor


Keldark stands five feet, ten inches tall. His brown hair is cropped short, but ragged.

He wears a patched and stained set of studded leather armor. On his back, two quivers show over his right shoulder – one with the feathers of arrows, the other with the long shafts of several javelins.

he leans on a glaive, with a bow clasped in one hand.

Character Sheet


Keldark’s family lived near the edge of The Wode, north of the farming town of Kreniah, on the shores of Lake Arkis. When he was 15, his family was killed by a raging wode creature that had come south.

Since that time, Keldark has made his own way, hunting the edges of the Wode and learning its ways.

After many years, he has managed to earn enough money to make his way west, to Versia – hoping to employ his skills and knowledge of The Wode to fight the constant encroachment of the unnatural wood.

Keldark the Hunter

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