House Rules

Character Creation

  • Allowable Source Material – Anything in the 3.5 edition PHB or PHB2. Other sources require GM approval.
  • Characters use the following stat array: 16 15 14 13 12 11
  • All races live together instead of apart do to the condensed nature of livable terrain. The only race which has any stigma is the Half-Orc as the Orcs and Goblins have been disinclined to participate in civilization.
  • Regarding Arcane Magic – See the section on the Order of Oribis
  • Regarding Mounts – Do to the thick nature of the forest predominance of sea causing very little ride-able terrain, riding is uncommon.

Leveling and Experience

  • Characters must return to town to level up.
  • There is no XP penalty for multi-classing.

Skills and abilities:

  • Perception Check – This replaces Spot and Listen checks.
  • Acrobatics – This replaces Balance and Tumble
  • Athletics – This replaces Swim, Climb, and Jump
  • Disable Device – This is used for both Disable Device and Open Locks – The Key attribute is Int or Dex which ever is greater. Lock DC generally is increased by +5

Identifying Items:

  • Spell-craft check – 1 minute
    • Arms, Armor and Wands DC 30
    • Rods DC 35
    • Rings and Staves DC 40
    • Wondrous Items DC 25 minor 30 medium 45 major
    • A character possessing the relevant item creation feat receives a +4 circumstance bonus on checks to identify magic.
    • Identify- Now gives a +20 bonus on one check
    • Analyze Dweomer – Now gives a +20 bonus on every check made for the duration of the spell
  • Appraise Magic [Feat General] You are skilled at evaluating magic items and discovering their secrets.
    • Prerequisite: Appraise 3 ranks.
    • Benefit: You can use the Appraise skill in place of the Spell-craft skill to identify magic items. Appraise is always a class skill for you.


  • Sling ammunition weights 5 lb for 20 shots instead of 10
  • basic spell components which can be found in a spell pouch must only be purchased once.

Heal spells damage undead.

Alignment is driven by character actions and does not drive character actions. Thus if a character is acting as if they are of a specific alignment, their alignment will become such.

House Rules

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