House Rules

House Rules

Character Creation

These are guidelines, if you have an idea and would like to put in the work to make it fit in the world let me know, if you just want to roll up a character however staying within these guidelines is the way to go.

  • Base Rule set – Pathfinder RPG – These
    • All Rule books are allowed
    • Adventure Path books, Campaign Settings, and Character companion books are not.
  • Ability scores will be generated using a point buy set at 20 points
  • Default Starting Wealth by level using average value
  • Allowed common races are
    • Dwarves
    • Elves
    • Gnomes
    • Half-Elves
    • Halflings
    • Humans
      *If you want to play a race other than one of these common races you are considered Wode Born. Wode Born characters start out one attitude step lower when interacting with most common races. Diplomacy

Magic Use

  • Divine Magic is commonly practiced though the deity choices are specific to this campaign. Reference the following list for their standard counterparts. See The Creation of Etrius – The Myth of Creation
  • Arcane magic is uncommon and arcane casters fall into two categories. An arcane caster is either a member of the Order of Orbis or they are considered an outlaw.  If an outlaw is caught they are give the option of joining the order or being put to death.
    • Being a member of the Order of Orbis is not arduous and they largely let their members research and study as they please. At the higher levels of the order or when an arcane caster gains the ability to cast 7th rank spells they come under more scrutiny; Arcane casters also have access to privileged information about the Order that is not common knowledge. for more details see The Order of Orbis


  • Horse travel – Due to the thick nature of the Wode forest riding is uncommon but not unheard of. Most riding takes place along the great trainway from Versia to Kouvial
  • Sea travel – Travel between the great port cities by ship is common and abundant though mostly sticks to the shallow water as the seas become unpredictable as they approach the eye.


  • Sling ammunition weights 2.5 lb for 10 bullets (Rules as written)
  • Basic spell components which can be found in a spell pouch must only be purchased once.


  • Alignment is driven by character actions and does not drive character actions. Thus, if a character is acting as if they are of a specific alignment, their alignment will become such.

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House Rules

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