The Creation of Etrius - The Myth of Creation

Mythology tells of the First God Thana. In the beginning before the dawn of creation, Thana existed alone in the emptiness of Void with nothing but her thoughts. She soon learned to manifest these very thoughts into existence creating entirely new worlds to fill the Void. Countless Eons passed while Thana explored these powers of creation. Eventually tiring of these lesser creations Thana decided to create another being and grant unto it powers equal to her own. This new creation took the name of Thaku and together they created the Elemental Planes and their first inhabitants.

As they created and explored Thana discovered a pathway which led to the Elsewhere. Careful study of the path showed that it could be traversed but would require a great expenditure of her power. Curiosity drew Thana towards the Elsewhere though it was uncertain that a return would be possible once traversed. Thana spoke with Thaku at great length about exploring this new mystery, Thaku however was not yet ready to abandon his creations. So it was that Thana expended more power than Etrius had ever seen before and traversed this path to the Elsewhere. Thaku who remained promised to follow whence he had completed his creations.

As Thana had before him Thaku too grew lonely. While he longed to search Thana out he had not yet finished creating the vision which existed in his mind. Thaku instead created Iu, Iuhi, and Iuaku as his children. While he did not grant his children the unlimited powers of creation he did bestow upon them great powers. Thaku and his children then created the Material Plane and within that plane the world of Aonar.

They gave Aonar a bright shining star around which it spun and it’s counterpoint in the darkness.

There came a time when Thaku decided his great work was finally complete. He spoke with his children advising them of his decision to seek out Thana. His children tried in vain to convince Thaku to stay and after being unable persuade Thaku to give them the ability to create children of their own. Thaku consented but restricted them to three children apiece.

Iu created Da-ahl, Evon, and Gian.

Iuhi created Hafik, Korin, and Po-ahn

Iuaku created only one child Sylf.

The Creation of Etrius - The Myth of Creation

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