The Order of Oribis

The Order of Oribis
and the Litriu Chosant

Common Knowledge:

  • The Order of Oribis

    • The Order of Oribis are often heard to speak the Order’s motto: É an deireadh an tús  (The end is the beginning)

    • The Order of Oribis was founded in 74 AU by the mage Alvazra.

    • All law abiding magi in Aonar belong to the Order of Oribis.

    • Members of the order carry a special coin, known as the Mondraích as proof of membership. Mondrach.png

  • Litriu Chosant.

    • The Litriu Chosant Creed: Sábháilteacht trí bhás (Safety through Death)

    • The enforcing arm of the Order of Oribis, the Litriu Chosant are tasked as hunters of unlawful magic, and caretakers of the members of the order.

    • Those who practice wizardry without being a member are hunted down and captured.  If those that are caught refuse to abide by the Order they are summarily executed by the Litriu Chosant.

    • Each member of the Order of Oribis is paired with a member of the Litriu Chosant.

The Order of Oribis

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