The Wode

The Wode extends down from the Dragon’s Spine Mountains, stretching almost to the shores of the Inneoin sea. The outer edge of the Wode appears like many a normal forest at first glance, but for those with a keen eye, the differences can still be spotted. Plants aware of a passerby’s presence shy away, creatures living within the Wode are subtly larger than they should be, and possess an uncanny intelligence.

Once past the fringe of the Wode one begins to approach the Wode proper. The first clue you’ve reached this point is seen When the leaves which cover the trees become greater in number but stained and spotted with yellow and black, with livid red streaks like blood poisoning. Every leaf and creeper appears bloated, ready to burst at at the slightest touch.

Venturing further into the depths, one is surrounded by trees taller than any existing civilized structure, each wider round than a small house. Then the canopy closes in above blotting out the sun and whatever natural connection one has to the cycles of day and night becomes disjointed. Though the trees are massive, they are not packed closely together. Only the tips of their leaves touch. Beneath the trees the undergrowth grows thickly filling the huge spaces with riotous growth.

The distance between the trees, and their sheer size creates an overwhelming sense of space. Each tree appears as a massive pillar holding up a mottled green and yellow sky streaked with red above. One might well feel as an ant walking upon the floor of a cathedral.

You would be forgiven for thinking that the plants within the Wode look like they wish to reach out and grab you, for in fact they do. The plants deep in the Wode feed upon the creatures not fast enough or smart enough to elude them.

The Wode

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