The World of Aonar

The History of Aonar

Bards tell tales of The Golden Age long ago before the great Upheaval. It was an age of peace and prosperity, where no one went hungry, and fighting was unheard of. Civilization was on the precipice of eradicating death itself. They also tell tales of the Great Upheaval which brought an end of The Golden Age and the Wild Times which followed.

Through the 75 years that encompassed the Wild Times civilization has clung desperately to the shore of the Inneoin Sea while the living forest known as the Wode attempted to push the inhabitants back. Only the ingenuity and determination of the great mage Alvazra allowed the combined civilization of Dwarves, Elves, Half-folk, and Man to weather the long winter.

When Aonar finally began to recover from the Upheaval, in the year 75AU, the now combined civilization spread out along the Inneoin coast, establishing what would become the three kingdoms: Kouviel, Andruh, and Cadinn.

For hundreds of years civilization and the Wode have been locked in this stalemate with only occasional shifts in power. Civilzation has been unable to expand as movent across the sea of Inneoin is blocked by the Teeth of the Dragon; and for those both brave and lucky enough to survive the Wode crossing the Dragonspine blocks passage over land.

In the year 743 King Ustan Kouviel marshalled the forces of Kouviel and began an unprecedented effort to push back the Wode along the Tamilyn. Through force of personality and the loyalty of his men the campaign was sustained for the 45 years of his rule, expanding Kouviel’s boarders all the way North to the Tamilyn’s source. Ustan founded the new Capital of Kouviel on the shores of the great body of water.

In the years after Ustan’s passing his heirs fell into petty struggles and the once great forces which marched against the Wode lost focus and determination. The Wode in the years since has reclaimed much of the cleared territory only being held back by the defensive towers. At one time 7 of these great defensive fortifications existed, all but 4 have since been lost. They are manned by the fiercest knights and warriors in Kouviel.

In the year 1298 The Great Trainway was begun. The Passage between Versia and Kouvial was completed in the year 1312. Currently additional Trainways are under construction to both the kingdoms of Andruh and Cadinn.

The current year is 1323AU

The World of Aonar

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